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Our organization serves as a bridge between parents in the local community who are considering sending their children to Church Eaton, and the staff at the school, on whose behalf we hand the meets and greets of prospective new students and their families, as they are very busy with teaching and the running of the school.

Church Eaton, as the name implies, is a school with a religious element to it. They are a Church of England school, and proud of it. Therefore, parents should not apply to send their children to that school if they are biased against the Church of England or Christianity in general. They are not one of those schools that tries to incorporate all the religions and keep everyone happy so as to avoid offending people. The school has a policy of throwing political correctness in the garbage where it belongs and doing what they feel is right.

Pupils can stay at Church Eaton until they are sixteen years of age. At this point, they will have to either continue their education or begin their careers. The school currently has a lot of things setup with companies in a position to offer employment or some form of vocational training to its teenage school-leavers.

Every six months, for example, the managers of the local Tesco and Sainsbury’s invite all recent graduates of the school to their recruitment days. The local Discovery fitness training venue provides one free gym instructor training course to a single Church Eaton pupil each academic year. Most of the local recruitment centers welcome Church Eaton graduates and send them to interview with local companies in need of office workers.


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